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Luis Fernando Sánchez Pabón

Food Engineer

27 years of experience in milk derivatives, with specialization for three years in israel. Train milkbusiness consultant nationally and internationally, chief dairy plant derived University la Gran Colombia, new products development La Vaca que Rie, course agrolechero center, process wizard Maple Leaf – Canada, as an expert judge first and second national contest CNLM cheese 2007- 2008-2009-2011 -2012 assistant professor National University of Colombia,courses Icontec cheese-consultant.


Obtaining hygienic milk, classification of cheeses and the processes in the production of cheeses Ferments, causes of defects in cheeses and sensory evaluation Quality of milk. Good Manufacturing Practices – HACCP.

Thursday, October 21

  • Milk quality (pH). Importance of the different stages in the elaboration of Cheeses
    Acidity. Relationship of milk quality with cheese making
    Classification of cheeses. Requirements required by INVIMA
    Stages of cheese making: hygienization, standardization, pasteurization processing, molding, pressing.
    Preparation and purification of brines
    Ricotta Cheese Making
    Preparation of Tallegio Cheese
    Elaboration of Feta Cheese
    Elaboration of Arequipe de Leche
  • Elaboration of Siete Cueros Cheese

Friday, October 22 

Ferments: Lactic crops
Direct Inoculation DVS Crops
Thermal treatments. Natural and selected ferments
Temperatures and incubation times. Use in each type of cheese
Matured cheese making technology (theoretical-practical).
Elaboration of Mozzarella Cheese
Made with milk from Bufala and Vaca
Elaboration of Mozzarella Cheese
Elaboration of Scamorza Cheese 
Elaboration of Pera Cheese        Elaboration of Reinoso Cheese Preparation of Greek Yogurt. High Viscosity (Part 1) – Drinkable Yogurt
Design of Facilities and Mini-Plants
Defects in cheeses. Presentation of some cases

Saturday, October 23

  • Elaboration of Quesillo Cheese
  • Preparation of Greek Yogurt – High Viscosity (part 2) – Drinkable
  • Elaboration Quesadillo Cheese

Discussion of the results of the elaborations carried out

Salted cheese. Methodologies Temperatures, concentration, acidity and pH.

Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices. Cleaning and disinfection of processing plants of Dairy Products

Returns and cost evaluation

Defects in cheeses. Presentation of some cases



Tasting of Cheeses-Delivery of Certificates.

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Process mini-plant Queseria de Mi sin Ti – Cota (Cundinamarca)
Meeting time: 8:00 a.m a 8:30 am.

What does the course include?

  • Process Manual
  • Attendance certificate
  • 2 daily refreshments
  • The dairy products made during the courses.

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