We are a company dedicated to training, consulting in design, development and assembly plants for dairy industry. Starting the process zero based advice. Turnkey project, delivery to plant in operation, with all operators training, production managers and managers at all quality parameters as GMP, HACCP, and iso 22000. Provide inputs, machinery and equipment.

We standardize and optimize the processes of dairy products, increasing the value added milk, until finished.
We implemented the quality of different dairy products solids and liquids using quality parameters. Also advise on automatic obtaining food health records.

To give greater knowledge dairy products, offer courses from basic to specialized courses. Dairy toures also create a different places in the world, countries in europe mayor way experience as spain, france, italy, holland, switzerland, england, and south america, argentina and uruguay as countries referrals, bringing knowledge to participants one and intense experience the wonderful world lacteo, those wanting milk lovers live, meet and enjoy the most exquisite cheese, yogurt and also learn new processes and technologies


Origin traceability from milk to finished product, developing and optimizing dairy products solids and liquids, demonstrating how you can give a high value added to milk in our land and sea with our livestock cattle, goats or bufalino providing knowledge, development and progress for all those people or milk producers.


From our beginnings we all our work dedicated to empowering and educating people, companies and producers interested in the development of dairy resources to improve and optimize your productions and create new business which may offer high quality healthy products, ensuring quality and innovation since the origin of milk.